Jeremy McElroy- Jeremy is a true definition of a hero. At age 19 Jeremy joined the United States Marine Corps.  In the Marines, Jeremy joined the infantry and did three deployments in four years.  In June, 2010 Jeremy was in a (IED) roadside bomb explosion, injuring his L5, giving him a traumatic brain injury, a serious concussion, that has had long term effects such as his short term memory. Jeremy is now a firefighter and on the coaching staff and competition team at Compound CrossFit. He loves to compete and train hard, always looking for a way to help someone out. Being a firefighter is his dream job and looks forward to going to work just as much as going to them gym. 





MC Hall- My name is Mary Charles but most call me MC for short. My athletic background really began when I was 4 years old in a ballet studio on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. As my dancing career flourished I was given the opportunity to spend most of my summers at different art and dance academies all over the country. When I graduated high school in 2008 I moved to Richmond to dance for Richmond Ballet Company. After two years at VCU and dancing with the company I tore my ACL and my dance dreams quickly came crashing down. My injury forced me to reconsider my current dance aspirations and my future. After much internal debate I decided to stop dancing and ended up transferring to Old Dominion to be closer to my family. After being inactive for some time I was itching to try something new. A close friend at the time told me about CrossFit so I decided to see what it was all about. After the first intro class I knew I was going to be hooked. I have now been CrossFitting for 3 years and Ive enjoyed every aspect it has brought into my life. Not only have I become a stronger version of myself, I have also become a more focused and driven individual. The people that this community has brought into my life have been some of the most influential and strong willed people Ive ever had the pleasure of knowing. This journey has been nothing short of incredible, and I cant wait to see what the future holds.






Lindsey Jacoby- Lindsey Jacoby head coach at CrossFit Chesapeake in Virginia. This busy mother of 3 and wife of a Senior Chief in the Navy, was once a long distance runner. Once she tried CrossFit at CrossFit Oahu in Hawaii, she was instantly hooked and has been training ever since. She continued her journey in Alaska when her family was stationed there. Soon after, she began coaching and helping to fuel other people’s passion for fitness. Lindsey currently holds her Level 1 Certification, CrossFit Gymnastics and is a CrossFit Kids Coach. Lindsey has qualified for the 2016 Crossfit Regionals in Atlanta, GA!