Wodbrand Muscle Rub is a Beeswax Based balm infused with Menthol crystals and Wintergreen Essential Oil. This gives a very cool feeling to the applied area and increases blood flow to promote muscle healing. Like our Hand balm this is packaged in a convienent push tube and is great for on the go use! 

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This product is absolutely amazing. I use it after very long workouts and my recovery time is so much shorter. It's gives off a nice tingly, cool feeling. I normally put it on when I go to sleep. Then when I wake up in the morning, I am ready to go hard again.

It's Addicting

I LOVE this product! It encourages me to workout just to give me a reason to rub it on my muscles. That's why I say it is addicting. I love the tingly cooling sensation I get when I put it on and once it "soaks" in. Once I applied it to my sore muscles I felt like a could move better. The next day I feel so much better than I typically would 2 days after a specific workout. The packaging is great. Easy to apply. I have given this to co-workers (one has already asked how she can get more and the others have given excellent feedback). I have clients I have given it too. Once was amazed on how much better her lower back felt after application. She also mentioned she liked how the formula wasn't messy and didn't ruin her clothes or bed sheets. I have even sent it as a birthday gift to a friend. This is a must get and so worth it.