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Beeswax based Hand Balm with a mixture of natural oils and butters, all placed in this convenient 1 oz. push tube.

Beeswax is known as a humectant, meaning it attracts water from the environment. This will keep your hands hydrated over time, helping to prevent rips throughout the entire workout! 

Coconut oil not only helps to retain the skins natural oils, but it is also naturally anti-bacterial! 

All this really just comes down to keeping your hands healthy and moisturized to prevent skin tears. Already have a tear? No Problem! The mixture of Plant and essential oils in WODbrand balm work by soothing irritation. They also protect the open wound from developing infections from microbial activity and exposure to the air.


Ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oil mixture of Eucalyptus, Cedar wood and Tea Tree


Directions: Use daily or apply as needed to skin tears. (Also great for dry skin, chapped lips, rope burns, wind burns, etc....)



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Great product!

The hand salve is a great product, I use it everyday to help protect and heal my gym hands.

Excellent Hand Healer

I personally use the hand balm for my cuticles and fingers. I pick at them a lot when I am anxious. I noticed a difference in how my fingers looked and felt in a day. The product is not greasy, easy to apply, and the improvement was quick. Doesn't burn/sting. I also used it when I accidently cut the tip of my finger on a razor 2 weeks ago. I used the product to help with the healing process. There is no evidence that I had any cut on my finger. Also, I use to use a L'Occitane product. It was very oily and I would need to do a few applications to get a decent improvement. I have already given hand balm as a gift to some co-workers (positive reviews), clients (one who picks at her fingers like I do and one who has terrible eczema on her hands), and friends. Great stuff. Clearly, I highly recommend the product.

Great product

Great product, seems to work well, been using it as just a daily moisturizer and also used it on a tear. Works well. The smell was a little odd at first but now I kind of like it!

hand balm

You will love it as soon as you open the tube. The smell is perfect and the balm quickly enter in hands and leaves no greasy feeling too.

wodbrand hand balm

First off I wanna say I love this product! I used a lot of hand products in the past to try to keep my hands moist, and most products out there only last a few minutes and are gone. With the wodbrand hand balm I is nice and creamy once applied and soaks in the hands fast lasts for hours!!! The only thing I found that works great!!!