We are a Hampton Roads, VA grassroots company that specializes in handmade soap and hand balm for athletes. We are a Veteran and Firefighter owned company and we strive to put out nothing but the best product. This company began with my own journey to live a healthier lifestyle. As athletes we stress about what we put into our bodies but many of us fail to look at what we're putting ON our bodies. WODbrand was created with you in mind, we wanted to give you a chance to become the healthiest version of yourself! Everything that goes into our Bar Soap and Hand Balm is of the highest quality. All of our soaps consist of 100% natural oils and butters that will make your skin feel better than it's ever felt before. Gyms can be nasty and those workouts can do damage to your hands. WODbrand is here to help by healing those skin tears quick to get you back to crushing those WODs!

All natural soap is made with some type of fat/oil and lye. When mixed together we end up with two byproducts; soap and glycerin.  Soap is an alkaline product that bonds to dirt and other foreign materials found on the skin, this is the cleaning agent. However, soap strips the skin of the protective oils on the skin. That is where the glycerin helps to moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out.  Most commercial soaps have been milled, triple milled or French milled. The milling process extracts the glycerin, leaving a hard long lasting bar that doesn't moisturize your skin. 

WODbrand Soap will last one person 4-5 weeks and will moisturize your skin better than anything on the market! All of our Bar Soaps are cut by hand and left to cure for 25 days to ensure you get the longest lasting bar possible.